Sales Report Sharing Plugin Documentation

Plugin Installation

The installation process is pretty easy and quick. You would just need to go to plugins, click "Add New" button, find the downloaded zip file and select it, and click installation button. It should take couple moments to install and then you will get the notification regarding the successful installation and the "Sales Report Sharing" tab should appear on your WordPress menu on the left.

So now plugin is ready to be used and you can click on its tab in order to get to the plugins settings page.

Data to Share

In this section you can choose sales date range to include it in the report and type os sales, should it be only Gross sales or Net sales or both of them.

  • Gross sales - totals including shipping and taxes.
  • Net sales - totals excluding shipping and taxes.

Send to

Enter an email address to receive reports by email.


Choose suitable time and days to receive reports, whether to receive it each day or defined week day. Also there is "Send Now" button to send reports immediately (choose at least one option at "Data to share" tab and save options.).


Advanced options. For now there is just one to set email content type - html or text.

If you have any questions about plugin installation or plugin functionality
please contact us.