Smart WooCommerce Search Pro Documentation

Plugin Installation

The installation process is pretty easy and quick.

You would just need to go to plugins, click Add New button, find the downloaded zip file and select it, and click installation button. It should take couple moments to install and then you can activate the plugin.

The Smart Search tab should appear on your Wordpress menu on the left.


So now plugin is ready to be used and you can click on its tab in order to get to the plugins settings page.

How to Use

There's two ways how you can use the plugin.

First is to extend default WordPress Search widget or Product Search widget from WooCommerce with the Smart Search features.

default widgets

To do this you just need to enable Smart Search for the default search widget.

how to use default widget

Another way is to create a custom Smart Search widget.

custom widget

This is a very useful method if you want to insert a Smart Search box somewhere in the php code, eg. in the site header.

Just add a shortcode in the php template.

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[smart_search id="{widget_id}"]' ); ?>

Also you can add this Smart Search box to any sidebar.

how to use custom box

So you have to configure it once and then integrate it in any place in the site.


All the settings are separated through Tabs and we are going to describe each of it in below sections.


General Tab

Placeholder - a placeholder text for the search input.

Character Amount - a minimum number of characters for search.

Results Listing Amount - maximum number of results that can appear in search box.

"No Results" text - if not empty displays when no results returned.

Excerpt Symbols Amount - maximum number of symbols for description in results.

"View all" Link Text - if not empty displays a link at the bottom of results popup.

Default Output on Search Page - disable altering search results by Smart Search plugin on the search results page. By default the plugin modified search results according to selected options.

Search Page Layout with Posts - display posts with products using theme search results layout. Usefull if you want to display posts with products. By default if 'Search in Products' option selected only products displays using WooCommerce search results layout.

Accent Words on Search Page - accent searchable words on search page. Works only if "Default Output on Search Page" option is disabled.

Fuzzy Search - enable multiple word search.

Exclude "Out of stock" - exclude "Out of stock" products from results.

Visibility of Variable Products - visibility of variable products and variations. Can be: 'Parent variable product with variations', 'Only parent variable product', 'Only variations'.

Items to Search Through Tab

In this section you can select which post types and fields should be used by the Smart Search for searching and showing the suitable results. Just check the required ones in accordance to your specific needs.

Search in Posts - enable searching through "Post" post type.

Search in Pages - enable searching through "Page" post type.

Search in Products - enable searching through "Product" post type.

Search in Custom Post Types - select custom post types in the dropdown.

Search in Variations - enable searching through Variable Product Variations.

Search in Title - enable searching in title.

Search in Content - enable searching in content.

Search in Excerpt - enable searching in excerpt field.

Search in Post Tag - enable searching in post tag.

Search in Post Category - enable searching in post category.

Search in Product Tag - enable searching in product tag.

Search in Product Category - enable searching in product category.

Search in Product SKU - enable searching in product SKU.

Search in Custom Taxonomies - select custom taxonomies in the dropdown.

Search in Custom Fields - enter postmeta fields separated by comma.

Allowed Product Categories - restrict product searching by chosen product categories.

Disallowed Product Categories - select product categories, that should be skipped.

Layout Tab

Select what elements should be outputted in results box.

Display Image - output featured image in results box.

Image Size - fill in image width (px).

Display Excerpt - output excerpt in results box.

Display Price - output product price.

Display SKU - output product SKU.

Display "Out of stock" Label - output "Out of stock" label if product is not in stock.

Display "Sale" Label - output "Sale" label for products.

Excerpt Position - choose where to display excerpt: 'Below image', 'Below title' or 'Below price and SKU'.

Styling Tab

In Styling settings you can adjust the appearance of the search fields, results appearance and view all button in order to get it suit your website styles and project colors.

Spell Correction Tab

Here you can add synonyms for the words that, for your opinion, can be entered with spell errors.

spell correction

Stop Words Tab

In this tab you can add a list of words that should be skipped from the search request.

stop words