Smart WooCommerce Search Documentation

Plugin Installation

The installation process is pretty easy and quick. You would just need to go to plugins, click Add New button, find the downloaded zip file and select it, and click installation button. It should take couple moments to install and then you will get the notification regarding the successful installation and the Smart Search tab should appear on your Wordpress menu on the left.

So now plugin is ready to be used and you can click on its tab in order to get to the plugins settings page.

And we will describe regarding each options in the further docs sections.

Default and Product search selector

In this Top selector you can navigate between Default Search which is being used with the default Wordpress search widget and Products search which could be used with the WooCommerce search widget specifically for searching through products added through WooCommerce on your website.

Each search has its own settings for the Appearance and for the search options and each of these are separated through Tabs- General, Items to Search Through, Styling. And we are going to describe each of it in below sections.

Default search

In the default menu for our Smart Search and in the Default tab you will find the settings for the Smart search which coud be integrated into default WordPress search widget. So you have default WP widget added to any sidebar on any page and by enabling this feature the smart search with all its features and settings set in accordance to your preferences will be involved into default WP search widget. We will review on all its settings like General, Items to search through, Styling in the next documentation sections.

Product search for WooCommerce

Our Smart Search is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. With this said the Smart Search could be integrated into WooCommerce Products Search widget. And in order to enable our Smart Search into the WooCommerce Products Search you would need to go to the Search Plugins Settings > Default, Switch at the top to the Products tabs and check this options as shown on the Screenshot

It also has its own 3 sections of Settings just like for the Default Wordress Search - General, Items to Look through and Styling and with these settings you can adjust the Smart Search for products in accordance to your preferences.

And once you enabled Smart Products search and set all required settings to suit your project it will be integrated to the WooCommerce search and your visitors could start using it

General Tab

So lets review on the Default Settings.

Lets review each option in details

Enabling in Default Search widget

First option here is to enable/disable our Smart Search into Default Search Widget on your website. As you may know the default search widget could be added to any widget area on your website in Appearance > Widget and if you enable this option default Wordress search functionality will be replaced by the Smart Search.

And similar option is presented for WooCommerce search widget in the "Product Search" section


In this option you can manage the placeholder title in accordance to your preferences:

So then on the frontend it will be displayed in the search field

Character Amount

In this field you can see the amount of the characters that user should enter in order to involve the smart search into the overal website search, due to default its set to 3 but you can adjust it in accordance to your needs

Results Amount

In this option you can manage the amount of the results matching search values to be displayed as the search results

"No Results" text

In this field you can see the short notification that will be displayed in case no results where found in accordance to the search query

Display image and Display excerpts

In these two you can either enable or disable appearance for the post/products featured image and excerpts:

Excerpt Symbols Count

There you can manage the amount of the excerpts to be displayed in the search results

Display Price

Here you can either disable or enable the price appearance if presented on the product which is being displayed in the search results

Display "View all" Link and "View all" Link Text

Here you can you can manage the text of this button or leave empty field to disable the button.

Items to search through

In this section you can select which post types and fields should be used by the Smart Search for searching and showing the suitable results. Just check the required ones in accordance to your specific needs. This part is really important since you as the website manager would be able to manage the specific fields that Smart Search will use for looking through you website

With all this options this helps you to improve the Search experience on your website by enabling or disabling specific fields or post types to look through which will speed up the search process and will show more convenient search results.


In Styling settings you can adjust the appearance of the search fields, results appearance and view all button in order to get it suit your website styles and project colors.

To adjust the color of a specific element simply click on the select color and in appeared color selector set the required color accordingly

Creating custom Smart search widget

Plugin allows to create custom widget with its own options for being displayed on the front. Lets review on how to add your custom widget. In the Smart search menu click on "Add New".

It has pretty much the same settings as described above. You can set a name to this custom widget and then adjust the settings in accordance to your needs.

The main point of this option is to set the custom search with the set searching through elements in "Items to search through" so for instance you can create a search which will search only through specific fields and specifically on the pages or through posts only, or set the search which will search only through the products added through WooCommerce

Once you saved your created custom search it will appear in the Custom Widgets list

There you can re-edit them in accordance to your preferences or delete if needed

Adding Custom Smart search to your website

So now lets review on how to add that specific custom widget created to a sidebar with the help of the widget or within a page content with the help of the shortcode

Adding custom search to a sidebar

In the Widgets section (Appearance> Widgets) you would be able to find the Smart Search widget within all widgets listing

You can drug and drop it to any of your sidebars created and assigned to a specific page. Then just select your created custom widget.

Once you selected your required widget click save and it will appear on that specific sidebar on the frontend

Adding custom search through shortcode

Yep, you can also add the search widget to your content area on any page with the help of the shortcode. You can find the shortcode in the "Custom Widgets" section in the Smart search menu. Right next to your custom search you will find its shortcode

You just need to select it, copy, and then paste to any page within a content area and the custom smart search will appear on that specific page on the frontend and will be fully functional