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Advanced WooCommerce Search Plugin: All-in-one solution to manage your WooCommerce and WordPress search. Premium Ajax Plugin with powerful functionality!

It’s difficult for users to find exactly what they are looking for at your store using the default WordPress search feature. Customers want to enter a few products-related words in the search box and land on the product page quickly. This is why it’s important to provide a state-of-art search solution on your website. It’s important, especially if you have tons of products on your store or you push out several posts per day.

This is where YummyWP Ajax Search plugin helps you. It replaces the standard WordPress search widget with a superior product search engine. Also, it offers an improved and legible display of the search results. The Smart WooCommerce Search plugin makes the WooCommerce product search more efficient, fast and flexible. It provides customers with additional search results even when they enter keywords with spelling errors.

The Smart WooCommerce Search plugin by YummyWP finds what WordPress Search ignores! So, download the free version now!

WooCommerce Product Search

This advanced search plugin is rich in features. You can easily integrate it into the default WooCommerce Product Search widget to achieve an advanced functionality. Simply go to the Smart Search Settings and click this option. It will appear similar to the product search widget with Smart Search features.

WordPress Default Search

You can integrate this premium Smart Instant Ajax Search plugin into your default WordPress search widget for your eCommerce store. It will help improve the features and functions of the default search widget and overwrite the default WordPress search result.

Custom Widget

Getting a customized Smart Search widget with this plugin is possible. Add the widget to the sidebar on your store or any web page using the shortcode.

Provide an Ultimate Search Experience to Your Site Visitors

“Ajax” may sound unfamiliar to non-coders. Ajax is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. In case of WooCommerce product search, this product search plugin will perform the search without refreshing the page. In simple words, it performs a live search.

Ajax search spares the keywords to browse all WooCommerce categories containing all products related to those keywords. Using this plugin, you can redirect your website visitors to the search results page.

The Premium version of the Smart WooCommerce Ajax Search offers customized product searching. It offers countless options for search settings and provides accurate results.

Main Features


Simple integration into default search widgets

It’s easy to integrate the YummyWP Premium Smart WooCommerce Search plugin with the default WordPress search widget. It will provide advanced and smart features to your site’s search engine.


A lot of customization settings

The options for customized search are endless. Customers will be able to make desired search settings using a user-friendly page.

Search in custom post types

Customers can search content in custom post types through title, description, tags, categories, custom taxonomies or custom fields.

Search by product SKU

This advanced plugin adds ‘Search by SKU’ functionality to the search facility on your site. It allows customers to search products simply by entering the product’s SKU.

Search in Variations

Put your choosy customers at ease! The plugin lets shoppers search products on your store by colors, sizes and even shapes of a particular product.


Search through product Categories and Tags

Customers can search products by entering the name of the product category or by typing in the related keyword. It will boost customer experience with your store up to a great extent.


Allowed/disallowed product categories

Restrict searching only in predefined product categories or just disable searching in a special categories.


Search through custom taxonomies

People can search content on your site through custom taxonomies. It will display content grouped according to categories and tags for the related search term.


Search through custom fields

The plugin gives your customers the ability to search and filter catalogue or posts quickly to find desired information. Add any custom field to your product or post to make it searchable.

Search through product attributes

People can search products by entering their standard as well as custom attributes.

Search through product brands

The plugin makes it possible for customers to search products by using the brand name.

Fuzzy search

The plugin displays relevant results even for misspelt search terms.


Search results with images and prices

Each search result with this plugin displays the image and the price of the product.


Search results with "Out of stock" label

Saves time to people by showing “out of stock” labels for the products that are currently out of stock on the site.

Search results with "Sale" label

Shows the ‘Sale’ label for products that are currently available for sale.


Search results with "Featured" label

Shows the ‘Featured’ labels if the search results include featured products on your site.

Exclude “Out of stock” products

Decide whether to display out of stock products in search results or not.

Translation ready and WPML Compatible

The premium Smart WooCommerce Search plugin is a WordPress Multilingual Plugin. Use its WPML compatibility and easily translate the plugin with the powerful WPML tool.

Visual Composer compatible

The Smart Instant Search WooCommerce tool is compatible with visual composer and works great for websites based on drag-and-drop functionality.


Search Exclude plugin compatible

Allow people to exclude any page, post or product from the search results. Simply check off the corresponding checkbox on the post/page edit page.


ACF plugin compatible

This search plugin is highly compatible with ACF plugin and supports Advanced Custom Fields searching.


Custom Post Type UI plugin compatible

Fully supports Custom Post Type UI tools.

Ultimate WooCommerce Brands plugin compatible

Using brand plugin on your site? YummyWP’s advanced WordPress and WooCommerce plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Brands plugins.

Mobile friendly

It offers the best search performance even for mobile users.


1 year of support.
Each installation requires a purchase code.
Support includes answering customers questions, assistance with reported bugs and issues.
Support does not include installations and customizations.
2Checkout cards accepted
30-day Money Back Guarantee for new purchases​
Requires: Wordpress 4.2.x
Up to: Wordpress 4.9.x
Compatible with: Woocomerce,
Search Exclude
Translation ready: yes
Version: 1.2.2


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Difference between Free and Pro

What people say about Smart Search

Thank you for this plugin. It does exactly what it says it does, and in the rare occasions when it decides to get creative, the support is very supportive!


The plugin is easy, works and the support is fast.


Best search plugin I tested for woocommerce. Works well, and I got my feature request of excluding out of stock items from search results. Thankyou.


Excellent search performance, lots of options and beautiful styling. Works fine with Persian and RTL.


It does what it promises, nice work!


My only disappointment is that I didn’t find this plugin sooner & save a lot of effort trying to get other ones to search as well as it does, & with as good a range of options.
Thank you!


Best plugin for woocommerce search widget with relevanssi. And the support is great too, answer in short time, and solve the problem. Thank you again!!


Simple and very useful – definitely one to consider on every WooCommerce site you put together!


Smart Search Settings

To know how to manage plugin settings, read the Ajax Search official Documentation.

Check the plugin Demo

Smart Ajax WooCommerce Search plugin is a very powerful and easy to use tool that converts a simple search to the powerful multifunctional search box. It helps your customers search more products and you to sell more products. The plugin UI is highly compatible with all themes.

Smart Ajax WooCommerce Search plugin is a very powerful and easy to use tool that converts a simple search to the powerful multifunctional search box. It helps your customers search more products and you to sell more products. The plugin UI is highly compatible with all themes.

Smart Ajax WooCommerce Search plugin is a very powerful and easy to use tool that converts a simple search to the powerful multifunctional search box. It helps your customers search more products and you to sell more products. The plugin UI is highly compatible with all themes.

Get Free Version

You can download the free light version of the plugin and check the main idea.
But for sure the premium version is more powerful and user friendly.